Frequently asked questions

Why go preowned?

What happens to a book once it is  read? it sits unused wasting away and sad, What we aim to do, is to put it back into the hands of someone that wants to read it again, to give that book a second life. Go green, save yourself money and time and save the environment for everyone.

What type of condition should I expect my books to be in?

 We can ensure that we will only send you books that are of a high quality meaning that books will not have torn or damaged pages and the cover in a good condition. What you might find in some circumstances is creased binding and slight discolored pages as expected from read books, as we prefer to send you something enjoyable to read rather than something in a prefect condition,

When do we ship?

We ship on the 4th of every month!

Have your new subscription submitted before the last day of the month to get the order shipped on this date, this is also the deadline for payment on existing subscriptions. 

eg. You set up your subscription on the 28th of march on the 4th of April we will ship your order.

If you set up your subscription on the 1st of April we will ship your order on the 4th of may. 

(one time orders will be shipped in 1-2 business days) 

Where do we ship to?

At the moment we only ship within Australia!

We have hopes to expand in the future!  

How can i get involved?

Want to feature your product in our subscription or send us your preowned books? feel free to email us at: 

How do I track my package?

We use Australia Post to send all our packages. You can check your tracking number via there tracking tool on their website.